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How a Mud House in Kerala Is Helping Build a Community of Creatives


“COB” is a mixture of clay, sand, straw (or some other long strong fiber) and water,traditionally mixed by foot, in community and preferably to music (speeds the mixing). It has been and continues to be the world’s oldest, cheapest, most sustainable, healthful, durable and beautiful building material, allowing the builder(s) to quietly and happily create a personable unique home which can last 100’s to 1000’s of years and cost a fraction of conventional building.

“Cob” is the finest building material on the planet: fire-proof, rot-proof, mold-proof, rodent-proof, wind-proof, sound-proof and earthquake-resistant . It lasts forever with a good foundation and a good roof that protect it from standing water and overhead rain. It breathes and releases moisture continuously and creates a balance between outside and inside humidity and temperature so there is always a comfortable equilibrium for human beings living in cob houses.

You heard that right !

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7 Days

English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam

16y - 60y

Short Term, Spring Break, Summer, Winter, Year Round

Small Group (1-15) Medium Group (16-30)

Budget Family, Senior Travelers, Solo, Women

Accommodation, Activities, Equipment Meals, Wifi

5000 INR/7 days/head. 3 meals, shared dorm room, orientation, WiFi, drinking water, onsite coordinator, emergency assistance.

Pradeep Ravi, M.Tech

Master Cobber

Tel: +91- 9447766605
Clay plaster
  •  understanding ingredients for clay plasters and where to source them

  •  how to test soil for clay

  •  what makes a clay plaster suitable for sculpting

  •  establishing your recipes

  •  mixing techniques

  • how to apply & sculpt clay plasters


You do NOT need previous plastering experience!!

what you learn

COB & Adobe walls
  •  benefits of clay walls

  •  understanding ingredients & the function each one serves

  •  how to test site soil for clay content & establish your basic recipe for cob or adobe

  •  low-tech mixing techniques

  •  how to insert bottles & attach to framing elements

  • hands-on experience building

  • passive solar design overview​

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